Hi there.  This is the page that lists where my dark fantasy/horror work is appearing.  Nine out of ten dentists recommend it, so buy a book, or your teeth will fall out!

GOTHIC REVIVAL, my paranormal/horror suspense novel, is available NOW from and Smashwords!

Purchase it here:


"Letter for You," a short story, appears in Insidious Assassins, published by Smart Rhino Publications.  Now available at! 

Purchase it here:

 "Glendale After Dark," a short story, appears in the Voices from the Gloom (Vol. 2) anthology published by Sirens Call Publications. 

Available here:


THE BEST OF THE HORROR SOCIETY 2013, an anthology that I compiled and edited. My story, "Lemminaid" also appears in this anthology, along with 27 other extremely talented writers.  If you like a little chill when you're all alone at night and can't sleep, this is the book for you! AVAILABLE NOW!
You may purchase it here:


My short story, "The Plotnick Curse" has been included in Someone Wicked, a Smart Rhino anthology.  

You may purchase it here: 



My flash fiction piece, "Smokes" has been included in Apokrupha's Dark Bits anthology. 

Available here:


My short story, "Into the Woods" has been included in Luna's Children: Full Moon Mayhem, an anthology to be published by Dark Oaks Press.  

Get it here:


My short story, "Oil King" has been included in [NAM3LESS] Magazine, published by Cycatrix Press.

Now available from Cycatrix Press


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