Short  Stories:

“The Quillen Curse” appeared in the horror anthology, M is for Monster edited by John Prescott

“Skin Deep” appeared in the horror anthology, Damned if You Don’t edited by Ken Kupstis and published by Triskaideka Books
“Red Squares, Black Squares” appeared in Satan’s Toybox: Toy Soldiers  a horror anthology published by Angelic Knight Press
“Skin Deep” appeared in Zippered Flesh 2: more Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad! published by Smart Rhino Publications
The Plotnick Curse” (Someone Wicked anthology—Smart Rhino Publications)

 “Smokes” (Dark Bits anthology—Apokrupha)

“Lemminaid” (The Best of the Horror Society 2013 anthology—Horror Society Press)

“Into the Woods” (Luna’s Children anthology—Dark Oaks Press)

“Glendale After Dark” (Voices from the Gloom Vol. 2 anthology—Sirens Call Publications)

"Letter for You" (Insidious Assassins anthology --Smart Rhino Publications)

"Oil King" (NAM3LESS Magazine- Cycatrix Press)


HOME published by Triskaideka Books 2011.  Out of print, but currently being shopped. Still up on Amazon, if you want to read the reviews. 


GOTHIC REVIVAL is now available at and Smashwords.


THE BEST OF THE HORROR SOCIETY 2013—A horror anthology released Oct 15 by The Horror Society Press.  I compiled and edited this book.

WHITE WALLS by HMC (Hayley M. Coates)—a horror suspense novel

THE WARRIOR by Ty Patterson—an espionage/suspense novel

ROBERT MUMPKIN MYER AND THE WISH MAKERS by HMC (Hayley M. Coates)—a children’s novel


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